About B.P.G.

BTCWIN LIMITED is one of the most stable and profitable investment companies in the crypto-currencies field.BTCWIN LIMITED is founded by a group of experienced traders whose objective is to obtain profits by making crypto-currencies trading.

Our trading team has a high knowledge level about how the money moves in crypto-currencies market, so we can practically ensure that the investments we are making generates high returns with low risk due to the skill and experience of each trader.During the whole 2014 and 2015 net monthly corporate income reached minimum at 2541% and hit maximum at 35210%. B.W. revenue performance keeps growing.

Today, B.W.has provided wealth management for more than 2,000 trusted investors from over 25 countries. In Feb, B.W. introduced its mutual fund, which is called "Btc Win" . The fund officially launched in Feb 2015 and was initially capitalized with a 1.2 million grant from B.W. and provide more wealth management worldwide.

Company Leadership

Johney Gram - Chief Executive Officer

Johey Gram is responsible for daily management of the whole team, as well as  development of funding market and services to meet cash management needs of B.W. clients.

Patrick Meyer - Chief Operating Officer

Patrick Meyer is an experienced and talented software architect. He has more than 5 years of experience in technology management and database administration.

Company Value

Our success has been built around high-quality relationships with leading investment organization around the world. We are committed to long-term partnership with all stakeholders: investors, project partners, governments and communities.
Our processes are completely transparent to our clients and shareholders. They believe in what we are doing because they understand it You will get regular information on the value of your investments long with the fund manager's investment strategy and outlook.
We are independent and majority owned by our employees/staff.It means that noting stands in the way of serving our clients' interests.Our shareholding structure allows as to focus on satisfying clients and defending their interest without the influence of any banking distribution network or a parents companies.
Profit is ultimately why we are in business. We have produced top-tier results from our direct investment activities.We seek to achieve consistently profitability and we take pride in our profit record.

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